Tag: Salvation

  • Chapter 18

    The time is at hand. The kingdom is near. The Lord is the one who calls. He is the one to fear. For he comes from the clouds to reign on earth. He comes for the humans who have had a new birth. His light shines bright. Even blinding is his glory. His words come […]

  • Chapter 13

    The Lord is a Light, he shines on the darkness. Yes, the darkness must dissipate in the Lord’s presence. The Lord forgives. My iniquities are thick. My sins are maroon. Dark crimson is my sin in the day. Dark maroon are my sins in the gross darkness. But Jesus Christ has made me white. Even […]

  • Chapter 3

    The night terrors came to me suddenly. But even in the night terror, I looked up toward Heaven. My only help was you, Lord. This is why I cried out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” to save me from this terror, this place of darkness and horror. I heard a shout that sounded like mine, but my […]