Tag: Mercy

  • Chapter 17

    God is a rescuer to those who call on his name. What is his name? Is it not ‘God is with us?’ Is it not ‘Peace?’ Even Jesus is his name. A stumbling block to many. A stone that people are offended by. But a gracious King to those who humble their hearts. A loving […]

  • Chapter 12

    Lord, you are great, and what great things you give. Why do you give to a wayward soul? My eyes have seen your glory, and I wait on your coming. I tremble at the thought of you being near and in front of me. Lord, you are forgiving. Your mercy stretches far to the sinner. […]

  • Chapter 10

    Lord, as I pray to you, you are the same God that split the Red Sea. You are the same God who opened up the heavens and flooded the earth for 40 days and 40 nights. You are the same God who did not suffer Israel to be utterly destroyed. Yes, you saved a remnant […]

  • Chapter 1

    Lord, you are my provider. What do I need when the Lord provides all my needs? Is the Lord gracious? Is he merciful? He is merciful because I do not deserve my blessings. He blessed me despite my iniquities. He has given me abundance despite the multitude of my sins. The Lord is gracious because […]