Tag: Grace

  • Chapter 26

    Only the Lord God in Heaven, Only is he supreme. Only the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, He is the only God. He spoke through the prophets And has given us grace through his son. Jesus is his name. The Lord shined on us all. He has given us rain to nourish us against […]

  • Chapter 23

    The Lord makes a way out of no way. He makes the crooked straight. Yea, all his paths lead to righteousness. And though I might toil, the Lord blesses overabundantly. My work does not equal my rewards. For the Lord’s rewards are everlasting, And they are without corruption. His blessings endure in times of famine […]

  • Chapter 20

    The Lord took my shame. Yes, he wore it on the cross. He made a victory which was counted as a loss. Not because of my goodness, but because of his grace, He erased my sins. Behold! They have no trace. I am made new. A new life I live. Do I not marvel at […]

  • Chapter 1

    Lord, you are my provider. What do I need when the Lord provides all my needs? Is the Lord gracious? Is he merciful? He is merciful because I do not deserve my blessings. He blessed me despite my iniquities. He has given me abundance despite the multitude of my sins. The Lord is gracious because […]