Dr. Dwight A. Lucas II: A Book

  • Chapter 7

    Lord, where are you? Why is your voice not clear anymore? I wait on your answer. I call for your direction. I am in trouble. Where is my only help? If I turn to any other help, it won’t do any good. There is none else but you, who can help me. If I turn […]

  • Chapter 6

    The Lord hears my cry. Enemies make fun of me and slander my name. But God gives me a new name. On a white stone, my name is written. My enemies cannot pronounce it. It is in plain sight, but my enemies cannot see it. Only God knows my name. Only he knows who I […]

  • Chapter 5

    What is time to you, Lord? Is it not something that you can play with? Is it not something that you created? You can make time still, and no one would know. In the middle of the night, when I sleep, you took time in your hand. You paused it at your will. Nothing, not […]

  • Chapter 4

    Lord, God, you hear me when no one else can. When I am in the depths of the pit, you hear me. Depths of water and earth cannot separate us. Lord, you make me to know righteousness. Your ways are marrow to the bones. Those who live off of your living word are fat with […]

  • Chapter 3

    The night terrors came to me suddenly. But even in the night terror, I looked up toward Heaven. My only help was you, Lord. This is why I cried out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” to save me from this terror, this place of darkness and horror. I heard a shout that sounded like mine, but my […]

  • Chapter 2

    Lord, you hear my cries in the night. My tears, you dry up. Thoughts of lost ones compass me like settled stones. My future, you take up in your hands, and give me hope. My expectation crumbles. Yet, I turn back to you for my help. You deliver me out of all my troubles. Your […]

  • Chapter 1

    Lord, you are my provider. What do I need when the Lord provides all my needs? Is the Lord gracious? Is he merciful? He is merciful because I do not deserve my blessings. He blessed me despite my iniquities. He has given me abundance despite the multitude of my sins. The Lord is gracious because […]

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