Supernatural Today

When we divide the real world from the supernatural, the supernatural becomes mystical. In modern times, people rejected the supernatural for this reason. Now, people promote the supernatural. But contemporary promotion is of a false supernatural. Much of this promotion today connects to profit. For example, prayer, prophecy, miracles, and healings commonly have a price… Continue reading Supernatural Today

The Eccentric

Yet some get caught in the clouds of the supernatural. And they praise the symbolic over the literal. To them, symbolic experiences are signs of religion. This way of spotting religion seldom works. Charlatans benefit from naïve believers. And false prophets speak without fear. Indeed, the religious eccentric shows strange behavior. But such strange behavior… Continue reading The Eccentric

Transcendent Context

To deal with religion realistically, we must deal with it in a real sense. And this might detach it from its supernatural qualities. We cannot always sense the supernatural. Yet, such a detachment from the supernatural does not negate religious transcendence. Dealing with religion through a study of wonder is proper because wonder is the… Continue reading Transcendent Context

Meaning Making

Of course, the literal by itself offers nothing to meaning. And we must rely on some sense of wonder to extract meaning from literal things and events. Such wonder makes us imagine something can be meaningful. Therefore, a person wonders if a story is more than the sum of events in a book. And therefore,… Continue reading Meaning Making

Literal & Symbol

When we look at an event or thing, I could say we look at in two ways. I could say we look at it literally or symbolically. Of course, when we look at something literally, we discuss its nature, cause, and structure. When we look at something as a symbol, we discuss its meaning or… Continue reading Literal & Symbol