Chapter 22

Lord, Heavenly Father, you create in me the new day.

Do you not wake me early in the morning to pray?

It is your voice that I hear. It is to your call that I heed.

The desire of devotion you have planted in me like a seed.

I watch it grow, but I don’t water it. Neither am I the sun.

I ask myself, “Am I the sower? No. I am none.”

Righteousness wells up inside me. Yes, it grows here.

Yet I am not its cause, but my heart is full of cheer.

Lord, you have made the way. Jesus created the road.

Strait and narrow is its path, and light is his load.

I walk gently, carefully, stepping with trust.

On the way to eternal life. On the way to dust.

I rejoice in your words because they are the light of my eyes.

To those who eat and drink your Word, they will get the prize.