Chapter 16

Is not the Lord more than my physical body? What is my body compared to my soul? Is not a moment in the presence of the Lord more than a 1000 years on this earth? Indeed, I redeem the time only with the Lord Jesus Christ. He renews my spirit. Even God renews my soul. My being is refreshed. I am eager to serve him.

Is it not my reasonable service to present my body to my persecutors? Is it not reasonable to shield all weapons with my own body? Indeed, it is reasonable. For Jesus Christ left all on earth for us. As the mediator, Jesus shielded us from the fiery furnace of hell. Yes, he was even in the middle for us. He covered us so that our hairs were not singed. We do not even have the smell of smoke on us. But for a surety we deserved to burn.

Yet it is only because of God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that we are saved.