Chapter 14

My Lord, you are Lord of all. All who call on your name with a pure heart, you hear.

Who am I to beckon you? Who am I to cause you to hear me? I am no one, Lord. Only because of your son, Jesus Christ, am I someone.

You have made me whole with his blood. What is my life worth to merit the blood of God? Who am I to benefit from the suffering of God? Who am I compared to Jesus? Do I not tremble at the thought of seeing Jesus? My legs lose feeling and shake at the thought of seeing you face to face.

Lord have mercy on me. I know my iniquities. You knew the secret iniquities in my heart. I am not able to hide from you. If I made my bed in hell, you would be there.

Lord, you are everywhere. You are even in my mind. My thoughts that are afar off, even those you know. You, Lord, know their intentions.

Only you can keep me from decay. My heart suffers issues. Lord, mend my heart. Even clean it, Lord.