Chapter 13

The Lord is a Light, he shines on the darkness. Yes, the darkness must dissipate in the Lord’s presence.

The Lord forgives. My iniquities are thick. My sins are maroon. Dark crimson is my sin in the day. Dark maroon are my sins in the gross darkness.

But Jesus Christ has made me white. Even with his Light do I live. My sins are forgotten. My crimson stain is washed away. Yes, clean has he made my heart.

His grace overcame me. My sin kept me from deserving his love. My iniquities merit death, penalty, and judgment.

Yet wrath has God turned away. Yes, he visited me, but he looked on my humility. He saw me as redeemable. Yes, he saw value in me. Glory to God in the highest! Thank the Lord for his son Jesus Christ, who has made me clean.

The plague is stayed. I am saved.