Chapter 12

Lord, you are great, and what great things you give.

Why do you give to a wayward soul?

My eyes have seen your glory, and I wait on your coming.

I tremble at the thought of you being near and in front of me.

Lord, you are forgiving. Your mercy stretches far to the sinner.

Your wrath and judgment are exact. None can question your correction.

Your love is grace. Your thoughts of me are full of grace.

Lord, forget my iniquities. For I cannot stand in front of you.

Please forgive my sins. For they separate me from you.

Help me out of the pit I dig for myself. Please deliver me from my enemies, who would like to see me fall.

Place me in your care despite my imperfections. Keep my feet from falling.

Let your name be lifted high. Let all praise your greatness and majesty.

For you, God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, are better to me than I am to myself.