Chapter 9

What a blessing a prudent wife is. She is as one who marks her steps. Her words are like the finest gold. And her husband, who listens to her, is counted as one of the wise men.

Where does a virtuous wife come from other than from the Lord? For the virtuous woman gives no rest to her eyelids until her family is safe. She guards her household as one arrayed for battle. Her light stays on, and she does not hide it. She establishes her house on a hill of rock and surrounds it with living water.

The words of the virtuous wife are more precious than a thousand pounds of spices and a trillion carats of emeralds, diamonds, topaz, and rubies. Her words are more valuable than platinum and gold. In her words are truth, life, and abundance. Her words fill up the belly of her husband and bring rest to his soul.

From up on high, she lets her voice be heard. To all, she yells aloud. Her righteousness goes before her. And her compassion follows after her. Her Justice prevails. And judgment is between her eyes. Equity is in her right hand, and honesty in her left hand.

She is not moved by the scorner or mocker. Her persecutors fall into the pit. Those who lied in wait for her are taken in their own contraptions.

She makes her bed at the altar, at the feet of Jesus Christ.