Chapter 7

Lord, where are you? Why is your voice not clear anymore? I wait on your answer. I call for your direction.

I am in trouble. Where is my only help? If I turn to any other help, it won’t do any good. There is none else but you, who can help me. If I turn to humans, humans will turn on me. But your blessing is without strife. Your goodness and blessings are forever.

There is none else beside you. Who can I turn to, other than you? For you, and only you, know my distress. You know my need. You, and only you, know the extent of my trouble. You know its life and end, its severity and triviality.

I call on you, Lord, father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Only you, as creator of the earth and heavens, can help me in the way I want to be helped.