Chapter 6

The Lord hears my cry. Enemies make fun of me and slander my name. But God gives me a new name. On a white stone, my name is written. My enemies cannot pronounce it. It is in plain sight, but my enemies cannot see it.

Only God knows my name. Only he knows who I am. He knows my strengths and the sacrifices I’ve made. God knows my failures and my potential.

Praise God, who has mercy on my soul. No one knows the weight of the balances. The balance of my life is not in the hands of humans, but only God, the father of our Lord Savior Jesus Christ.

He watches me going in and out. He knows which way I should go and which way I went. I know the obstacles in front of me from the light of God’s lamp. It shines in the past to show me my faults. It lights the future to warn me.

The light of God is wisdom. His light, Jesus Christ, is the mind thereof. Enlighten my mind, Lord. Let me not hide my light under a tree. Let my light not be pushed underneath the table. Let all see the light you give freely to me.