Chapter 5

What is time to you, Lord? Is it not something that you can play with? Is it not something that you created?

You can make time still, and no one would know. In the middle of the night, when I sleep, you took time in your hand. You paused it at your will. Nothing, not even time, is over your power.

Not even the knowledge of time is over you. Years must bow down to you. Seconds must fall on their knees and do obeisance. All time is under your authority.

The Sun orbits at your command. The planets and moons orbit at your direction. You direct the stars in their place. And the earth turns in response to your voice.

Lord, do you not direct even the moments? You hold all time in your hands. Even the times we cannot count are yours and under your authority. The time of Jesus Christ is with you. My time is held firmly in your hand.

What is time, other than what you call it? Who knows the origin of time? Who can say when time wakes up? Where does it travel, and where has god forbid time to go? Where is the resting place of time in eternity? Praise God, the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the creator of time.