Chapter 4

Lord, God, you hear me when no one else can. When I am in the depths of the pit, you hear me. Depths of water and earth cannot separate us.

Lord, you make me to know righteousness. Your ways are marrow to the bones. Those who live off of your living word are fat with joy. Their abundance runs over for others to glean.

You make me to hear your voice. Is it not clear in my ears? Your voice brings joy to my heart. With gladness, I wait to hear you speak. With expectation, I listen for your voice.

The Lord God is near. Let no one say he is far away. It is a froward heart that makes the Lord appear far away. A pure heart is close to God. A heart of flesh is knit together with the mind of Jesus Christ. A heart of stone is separated from the Lord forever.

Praise the Lord, for he speaks to us clearly! His voice is near. It is in all of his creation. The mountains shout the praises of the Lord. The seas roar with exultation. The skies sing of his majesty. The wind whispers his presence.

Who can match the Lord’s might? Who can ask a question that the Lord does not know? The Lord’s weakness is stronger than all. The Lord’s foolishness is wiser than all. No one can search the counsel of the Lord. He asks no one what he should do.