Chapter 3

The night terrors came to me suddenly.

But even in the night terror, I looked up toward Heaven.

My only help was you, Lord.

This is why I cried out, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” to save me from this terror, this place of darkness and horror.

I heard a shout that sounded like mine, but my lips were shut.

My soul was not in the shout.

My soul was not in its fear or anguish, but I was in you, Oh Lord.

Lord, you spared my life. You did not allow me to be lost in the horror.

You allowed my soul to return to life and to loved ones.

Surely, Lord, you are the God: the one and only true God.

My soul rest in you, and I wake up with expectation in your words.

Your speech is milk to the bones and light to the eyes.