Transcendent Context

To deal with religion realistically, we must deal with it in a real sense. And this might detach it from its supernatural qualities. We cannot always sense the supernatural. Yet, such a detachment from the supernatural does not negate religious transcendence. Dealing with religion through a study of wonder is proper because wonder is the place between the literal and the symbol. And the answer to wonder can lead to the transcendent. Still, most of the time, a proper starting point for religion is the world. The world provides the proper context. Context, here, means the element or elements making it possible to form connections.

By Dwight A. Lucas II

I am an artist, musician, writer, professor, and believer. In my leisure, I write poetry, short stories, and articles. Playing the alto saxophone is another thing I do in my leisure time. I like to cover gospel and jazz standards. As a matter of fact, I sometimes compose my own music. One of my jobs is teaching Black history and graphic design at Danville Area Community College. This job allows me to keep on sharing and receiving knowledge. In 2005, I graduated with a B.A. in studio art from Illinois State University. I then graduated from Tiffin University with a Master’s in Humanities in 2010. Later, I received a Ph.D. in Humanities in 2019 from Faulkner University. I enjoy reading novels and books on theology and philosophy. I have a wide range of interests. And this website will show those diverse interests.