Literal & Symbol

When we look at an event or thing, I could say we look at in two ways. I could say we look at it literally or symbolically. Of course, when we look at something literally, we discuss its nature, cause, and structure. When we look at something as a symbol, we discuss its meaning or importance. Here, the literal thing or event bears something meaningful. Both ways of looking at one thing or event are answers to questions we have about them. And it seems our minds naturally wonder to make such a connection between the literal and symbol. But we cannot assume every mind wonders the same. Neither can we assume every mind wonders the right way. A false connection between the literal and the symbol might occur. A possibility also exists that no connection will occur. Thus, the mind’s ability to wonder is at the helm of any answer the human comes up with about reality.

By Dwight A. Lucas II

I am an artist, musician, writer, professor, and believer. In my leisure, I write poetry, short stories, and articles. Playing the alto saxophone is another thing I do in my leisure time. I like to cover gospel and jazz standards. As a matter of fact, I sometimes compose my own music. One of my jobs is teaching Black history and graphic design at Danville Area Community College. This job allows me to keep on sharing and receiving knowledge. In 2005, I graduated with a B.A. in studio art from Illinois State University. I then graduated from Tiffin University with a Master’s in Humanities in 2010. Later, I received a Ph.D. in Humanities in 2019 from Faulkner University. I enjoy reading novels and books on theology and philosophy. I have a wide range of interests. And this website will show those diverse interests.