Proper Sight

But this narrow view plagues the opposite of Blackness. It focuses so much on pointing out the failures of others that its view is only outward. In Scripture, we see something similar. Jesus asks us: “Why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own” (Matthew 7:3)? This… Continue reading Proper Sight

Efforts of the Opposite

Therefore, a person becomes more of the opposite of Blackness when they refuse to ground their Blackness. In what does a person ground his or her Blackness? They ground it in its dialectical relationship with the opposite of Blackness. Is this relationship always negative? As mentioned before, its negativity is from a temporal perspective. But… Continue reading Efforts of the Opposite

Bop Interlude

Bird has flown. / Watch him go ‘round, / Dizzy, / falling on the ninth step / Down. up / drinking fifths. / Not fizzy. / Minton’s…

Real Descriptions

When people describe Blackness without considering this foundation, they make Blackness less concrete. The motion to describe Blackness in this way results from several factors. For instance, a person may desire for Blackness to be what she or he describes. A person may think Blackness is what she or he describes. Or people may want… Continue reading Real Descriptions

Foundation of the Opposite

Thus, we cannot speak of Blackness without discussing what counters it. That means we cannot shy away from the actions of the opposite of Blackness. We cannot ignore its hideous nature. For example, we cannot say someone is Black while turning from economic systems that keep Black people poor. We should not turn from instances… Continue reading Foundation of the Opposite