Dwight A. Lucas II: A Book

  • Chapter 23

    The Lord makes a way out of no way. He makes the crooked straight. Yea, all his paths lead to righteousness. And though I might toil, the Lord blesses overabundantly. My work does not equal my rewards. For the Lord’s rewards are everlasting, And they are without corruption. His blessings endure in times of famine […]

  • Chapter 22

    Lord, Heavenly Father, you create in me the new day. Do you not wake me early in the morning to pray? It is your voice that I hear. It is to your call that I heed. The desire of devotion you have planted in me like a seed. I watch it grow, but I don’t […]

  • Chapter 21

    After Jesus was raised from the dead, he told his disciples this: “Teach all nations to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:20). The word that stuck out to me in this passage was observe. I believed that Jesus was not only talking about remembering the commandments. However, after I looked at […]

  • Chapter 20

    The Lord took my shame. Yes, he wore it on the cross. He made a victory which was counted as a loss. Not because of my goodness, but because of his grace, He erased my sins. Behold! They have no trace. I am made new. A new life I live. Do I not marvel at […]

  • Chapter 19

    Jesus said, “strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14). Here, Jesus tells us the gate and pathway to eternal life has a small opening and narrow road. Yet what does this mean for us when we consider that there is […]

  • Chapter 18

    The time is at hand. The kingdom is near. The Lord is the one who calls. He is the one to fear. For he comes from the clouds to reign on earth. He comes for the humans who have had a new birth. His light shines bright. Even blinding is his glory. His words come […]

  • Chapter 17

    God is a rescuer to those who call on his name. What is his name? Is it not ‘God is with us?’ Is it not ‘Peace?’ Even Jesus is his name. A stumbling block to many. A stone that people are offended by. But a gracious King to those who humble their hearts. A loving […]

  • Chapter 16

    Is not the Lord more than my physical body? What is my body compared to my soul? Is not a moment in the presence of the Lord more than a 1000 years on this earth? Indeed, I redeem the time only with the Lord Jesus Christ. He renews my spirit. Even God renews my soul. […]

  • Chapter 15

    Heavenly Father, you are the reason I walk on the strait and narrow. You guide my steps to not stumble. I veer neither to the left nor to the right. The Lord takes my hand, firmly and gently. His voice is like thunders of water. He speaks, and all have to listen. None can deny […]

  • Chapter 14

    My Lord, you are Lord of all. All who call on your name with a pure heart, you hear. Who am I to beckon you? Who am I to cause you to hear me? I am no one, Lord. Only because of your son, Jesus Christ, am I someone. You have made me whole with […]

  • Chapter 13

    The Lord is a Light, he shines on the darkness. Yes, the darkness must dissipate in the Lord’s presence. The Lord forgives. My iniquities are thick. My sins are maroon. Dark crimson is my sin in the day. Dark maroon are my sins in the gross darkness. But Jesus Christ has made me white. Even […]

  • Chapter 12

    Lord, you are great, and what great things you give. Why do you give to a wayward soul? My eyes have seen your glory, and I wait on your coming. I tremble at the thought of you being near and in front of me. Lord, you are forgiving. Your mercy stretches far to the sinner. […]

  • Chapter 11

    The Lord is with us, Immanuel is his name. He lives amongst us. He is here. He is near. What is his name? His name is Jesus. Wonderful Counselor. The Prince of Peace. He owns the Earth. He rules with equity and justice. He is meek. Yet his words are sharp, and they slay the […]

  • Chapter 10

    Lord, as I pray to you, you are the same God that split the Red Sea. You are the same God who opened up the heavens and flooded the earth for 40 days and 40 nights. You are the same God who did not suffer Israel to be utterly destroyed. Yes, you saved a remnant […]

  • Chapter 9

    What a blessing a prudent wife is. She is as one who marks her steps. Her words are like the finest gold. And her husband, who listens to her, is counted as one of the wise men. Where does a virtuous wife come from other than from the Lord? For the virtuous woman gives no […]

  • Chapter 8

    Lord, I wait on your answer. I am a wretch and don’t deserve to hear your voice. My voice reaches from the pit. My soul stretches from the abyss. My tears can only fall upward. This is how sinners cry. Why is sickness all around? The feeble have no guide. There is no help on […]

  • Chapter 7

    Lord, where are you? Why is your voice not clear anymore? I wait on your answer. I call for your direction. I am in trouble. Where is my only help? If I turn to any other help, it won’t do any good. There is none else but you, who can help me. If I turn […]

  • Chapter 6

    The Lord hears my cry. Enemies make fun of me and slander my name. But God gives me a new name. On a white stone, my name is written. My enemies cannot pronounce it. It is in plain sight, but my enemies cannot see it. Only God knows my name. Only he knows who I […]

  • Chapter 5

    What is time to you, Lord? Is it not something that you can play with? Is it not something that you created? You can make time still, and no one would know. In the middle of the night, when I sleep, you took time in your hand. You paused it at your will. Nothing, not […]

  • Chapter 4

    Lord, God, you hear me when no one else can. When I am in the depths of the pit, you hear me. Depths of water and earth cannot separate us. Lord, you make me to know righteousness. Your ways are marrow to the bones. Those who live off of your living word are fat with […]

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